Branded Residences

What is a Branded Residence?

While there isn’t a universally standardized industry definition, a branded residence can be broadly described as a residential property available for purchase on the open market that bears a brand association through its design and services.

Branded residences offer a lifestyle characterized by carefree living, evoking a hotel-like atmosphere within the comfort of one’s own home. This unique concept combines the ownership of a private property with the added benefits of hotel amenities and tailored services for residents.

This style of living represents one of the rapidly growing trends in the real estate sector, frequently aligned with esteemed hotel and luxury brands.

The demand for second and third homes is driven by the preference for ready-to-use, well-maintained getaways that can be potentially rented out during the homeowners’ absence. Affluent buyers also view real estate as a significant component of their wealth management strategies and a means to establish and preserve family legacies. Establishing a connection with a brand creates confidence in buyers, ensuring them a superior level of service and typically an outstanding array of amenities. Nevertheless, the advantages extend beyond just the buyers. Property developers and the brand itself also have substantial benefits:

How do Branded Residences work?

Typically, Branded Residences involve a collaboration between a brand and a project developer. The brand provides the project developer with a license to promote and sell properties featuring its brand. In numerous instances, the brand owner is also responsible for the management and maintenance of the residences, often as part of an optional or mandatory rental programme.

Commonly Charged Fees

Developers are required to cover several fees, including a licensing fee, design fees, and fees associated with project design services. Purchasers of branded residences, on the other hand, are responsible for management fees, standard service fees, or condominium fees.

Standard Equipment and Service Offerings

The units’ type and size are contingent on the project’s location. Should a buyer opt to enrol their property in the managed rental programme, furniture, fixtures, and fittings packages become mandatory.

What distinguishes this scheme from others are the encompassing services. “Basic” services, covered by the service fees, encompass amenities such as concierge assistance and access to hotel facilities (if connected to a hotel), or in certain instances, specialized facilities. Meanwhile, “On-demand” services, incurring additional charges, span from housekeeping to pet-related services.